Diem (dianna) Nguyen

Diem (dianna) Nguyen

Licensed Estate Agent

Diem (Dianna) Nguyen is an enthusiastic, hardworking, and self-motivated team member. She has been persisting with her fierce desire to be successful at what she does. She has been living in the Western Suburb for 23 years and can speak both English and Vietnamese fluently. She has been in the industry since January 2017. Possessing excellent knowledge of the local area and outstanding customer service experience from her previous job, she has adapted herself quite well into the Real Estate industry to provide her clients with knowledgeable advice and professional service. The result says it all.

Diem has a very interesting background. She gained a Bachelor in Computer Science and Software Engineer in 2003 and a Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA) qualification in 2008. She has been working for different corporate companies. She had dealt with clients and providers of different levels and backgrounds. With her transferrable excellent customer service skill and experience, her approachable, friendly and patient personalities, a thorough approach to Real Estate, Diem has quickly excelled at developing strong business relationships with her clients.

Diem is also a Zumba B1 instructor. She loves going out, playing Tennis, badminton, Rock climbing, Salsa and Zumba dancing, karate training, travelling and socializing.

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