COVID-19: 3 Steps For Removing Restrictions

Restrictions are likely to start easing!



Today, National Cabinet held a meeting to discuss about the easing of Stage 3 restrictions, scheduled to end 11th May 2020.


Coronavirus update: Morrison announces plan for relaxing restrictions
Scott Morrison – 3 Step Framework for a COVIDSAFE Australia

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After the meeting, our Australian PM Scott Morrison announced that the National Cabinet have plans to remove restrictions by July, simply by following the 3 Step Framework for a COVIDSAFE Australia. A rough idea of the 3 steps:


Step 1:

  • Gatherings up to 10 people, five guests allowed at home
  • Playgrounds, pools and golf courses reopen
  • Retail and small cafes and restaurants reopen


Step 2:

  • Gatherings up to 20 people
  • Cinemas, galleries and beauty parlours reopen
  • Organised community sport returns


Step 3:

  • Gatherings up to 100 people
  • Most workers back in the workplace
  • Interstate travel likely to resume
  • Pubs and clubs reopen with some restrictions



To view the full 3 Step Framework, click here.



Our PM stressed that not all states will be at the same level, nor will these steps start from Day 1. Regardless of the level of restrictions, we should still be keeping 1.5M apart, continuously wash our hands, and regularly clean and disinfect.



For Victoria, our Premier Daniel Andrews has said he will announce more information on Monday, 11th May 2020.




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