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  TENANT RENTAL PAYMENTS AND LANDLORD MORTGAGE PAYMENTS   If you are a residential tenant or landlord, here is the latest information you need in relation to your rental/mortgage payments during COVID-19.     As stated by the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, on 30th March 2020: “… National Cabinet has agreed to a moratorium on


As of March 1st 2020, Victoria had a total of 9 confirmed cases with coronavirus (COVID-19).   After one week, a few more cases were confirmed, bringing the total to 14.   After another week later, the number of confirmed cases rose to 69.   Three weeks into March, the total jumped to 284 cases.

Affects of COVID-19 on Australian Property Market

The end of 2019 ended quite well with the gradual recovery of the property market, interest rate cuts and easing credit conditions. We could see an overall increase in property prices as prices started to recover. But times are changing due to COVID-19. Uncertainty is everywhere.   The pandemic known as the coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19,

Travel Ban Affecting Melbourne Rental Properties

Melbourne rental properties and businesses are being affected by Australia’s on-going coronavirus travel ban.    CORONAVIRUS CASES OVERVIEW According to the statistics, around 77,000 cases have been reported worldwide. Of those 77,000 reported cases, at least 18,000 have recovered from the virus. (For updated statistics of coronavirus cases, click here.)   Image: World Map of

Spreading Awareness of Coronavirus Basics

WHAT IS CORONAVIRUS AND HOW DID IT START? The coronavirus is a bunch of viruses found in animals, which can be spread to humans. Many animals are able to withstand the virus in their bodies without experiencing much harm, but the same cannot be said for humans.   There are also many types of coronaviruses

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