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HomeBuilder Grant Eligibility

Eligible owner occupiers can obtain a $25k grant (on top of the existing First Home Owner Grant) to: Build a new home. Substantially renovate an existing home. Buy an off-the-plan home/new home. A new home is one that has not previously been sold or occupied as a place of residence and where construction commenced on

Super Saturday Weekend for Melbourne’s Auctions

Melbourne’s market is getting hot, especially our Auction Market! We can look forward to many Super Saturday weekends in the future!    Image Sourced from here.     Last weekend, almost 1200 properties were scheduled for auction across Melbourne suburbs. A clearance rate of between 79% (Domain) to 82% (Realestate) was achieved this past week. 

Travel Ban Affecting Melbourne Rental Properties

Melbourne rental properties and businesses are being affected by Australia’s on-going coronavirus travel ban.    CORONAVIRUS CASES OVERVIEW According to the statistics, around 77,000 cases have been reported worldwide. Of those 77,000 reported cases, at least 18,000 have recovered from the virus. (For updated statistics of coronavirus cases, click here.)   Image: World Map of

Spreading Awareness of Coronavirus Basics

WHAT IS CORONAVIRUS AND HOW DID IT START? The coronavirus is a bunch of viruses found in animals, which can be spread to humans. Many animals are able to withstand the virus in their bodies without experiencing much harm, but the same cannot be said for humans.   There are also many types of coronaviruses

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