Travel Ban Affecting Melbourne Rental Properties

Melbourne rental properties and businesses are being affected by Australia’s on-going coronavirus travel ban. 



According to the statistics, around 77,000 cases have been reported worldwide. Of those 77,000 reported cases, at least 18,000 have recovered from the virus. (For updated statistics of coronavirus cases, click here.)


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Image: World Map of Countries with Confirmed Coronavirus Cases (Sourced from here)


Australia is 1 of the 32 countries with confirmed cases of the coronavirus. 19 people reported positive, with 11 out of 19 having recovered. 


Many prevention methods are being put in place to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. One method being used in Australia is a travel ban.



The Australian Government introduced a 14-day travel ban as of 1st February 2020.


The restricted entry prevents anyone who visited China from entering Australia unless 14 days have passed since leaving China. For Australian citizens or permanent residents, re-entry is allowed on the condition that they isolate themselves for a fortnight. 


Although the ban was scheduled to end this week, it has been extended to Saturday, 29th February 2020. It will be under review by the Australian Government weekly, so it is still uncertain when the ban will be lifted.


The extension of the travel ban has made it hard for international students from China to return back in time for their courses. 


Many rental properties and student accommodations have previously been booked by international students preparing for the new school year. Due to the travel restrictions, these properties are all currently empty. Many have also been forced to cancel their bookings.


Although any current vacancies are being taken by other international students, it is uncertain whether the previously booked rooms will be occupied any time soon.


Besides rental properties, many businesses will continue to face uncertainty due to the coronavirus.


Businesses with any relation to the coronavirus are either lacking customers, or are currently shut down, indefinitely. This is especially true for any businesses run by Chinese people.


During these tough times, everyone shouldn’t let discrimination get the better of them. Don’t harm those around you with your words and actions. 



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