Melbourne Auction Results – Week Ending 20th August 2023

A snapshot of Melbourne’s Auction results for the week ending 20th August 2023 (from CoreLogic’s preliminary data obtained 26th August 2023):

  • Total Auctions: 841
  • Auction Results: 840
  • Unknown Results: 1

From the 840 known auction results:

  • Sold prior auction: 141
  • Sold at auction: 392
  • Sold after auction: 18
  • Passed in: 239
  • Withdrawn: 50

Overall (from known results):

  • Cleared auctions: 551
  • Uncleared auctions: 289
  • Clearance rate: 65.6%

Compared to last week’s preliminary results:

Total number of auctions this week (week ending 20th August 2023) compared to last week’s (week ending 13th August 2023) has decreased be a small margin. Despite the lower number of auctions, this week’s auction results shows better statistics. The clearance rate for this week currently sits at 65.6% – which is ~5% higher than last week’s.

While full results are not yet available (with 1 unknown results), the preliminary data snapshots gives a good indication of the overall auction performance for the week. For the full auction data visit Corelogic.

Date revised: 26 August 2023

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