Melbourne Auction Results – Week Ending 6th August 2023

A snapshot of Melbourne’s Auction results for the week ending 6th August 2023 (from CoreLogic’s preliminary data obtained 8th August 2023):

  • Total Auctions: 761
  • Auction Results: 604
  • Unknown Results: 157

From the 604 known auction results:

  • Sold prior auction: 127
  • Sold at auction: 299
  • Sold after auction: 8
  • Passed in: 142
  • Withdrawn: 28

Overall (from known results):

  • Cleared auctions: 434
  • Uncleared auctions: 170
  • Clearance rate: 71.9%

Compared to last week’s preliminary results:

Total number of auctions this week (week ending 6th August 2023) compared to last week’s (week ending 30th July 2023) has decreased by approx. 80. Despite this, auction performance has seen improvements as compared to last week’s preliminary data snapshot. The clearance rate for this week currently sits at 71.9%.

While full results are not yet available (with 157 unknown results), the preliminary data snapshots gives a good indication of the overall auction performance for the week. For the full auction data visit Corelogic.

Date revised: 08 August 2023

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